A new layer in reality – Interview with Zsuzsa Magyar graphic artist

What was your first encounter with Quargo like?

It opened up a new dimension. I received an e-mail from a friend with a link in it. I clicked, I tried, and a conversation started. As the possibilities Quargo offers opened up, I felt: finally, this is what we have been waiting for!


What exactly?

To enable us to link a graphic content to a QR code – and to make this process simple, flexible and quick. Until today this has been the privilege of agencies and brands with ample financial background, but now it is available for anyone. With Quargo you can have your own personal QR code, and you can link anything you’d like. You can visualize your own alternative reality creating an extra layer. In one word, this is a sophisticated personal message.

Who do you think will use it?

My students for sure! I already know that I want them to make better use of their imagination with this technology. Generally, I think graphic designers, street artists, creative agencies will queue to get access to it. QR codes and Augmented Reality are technologies long existing, but have been complicated, expensive and slow to create.

Now, it is all changed…

Yes. Quargo revolutionized this concept. It is not only available for the professionals, but anyone. Even a high school student can have a QR code and a personal message. Teenagers are keen on sharing their thoughts and visual world – so I am pretty sure Quargo will spread quickly in their age group.

What do you use it for?

My QR code currently has an old graphic of mine, a Capricorn, which is my star sign and my personal symbol. I cannot wait to be able to link text or animation to a QR code, and share it. I already have plans for several codes, all with different content and message. Until then I explore possibilities: pictures, vector graphics.

You can use other uploaded content from the public gallery. Which one is your favourite?

The koalas. You can place these amazingly cute animals on any vertical pole – this kind of content makes a good opportunity to express support for a cause. I believe speech bubbles and graphics showing movement will also be popular.