Advantage on a price sensitive market – Interview with Péter Zubor, managing director of Klímashop Ltd.

When and where did you first meet Quargo?

I first saw it 9-10 months ago on a trade expo abroad. It wasn’t ready yet, at that time it was in Beta phase.

What was your first thought?

That it’s fun.

And what do you think now?

It is definitely more. You can show things that are not there in reality, that might only exist in your imagination. We have been thinking a lot about how to use it in our business, and decided that our customers might like to see how their apartment will look like after the installation. With Quargo it is possible.

You sell and install air conditioners. Do you mean that with this application you can see the result?

Exactly. There is a wide variety of air conditioners available on the market in terms of size and layout. Some are low-key, some are a bit more showy. When a customer cannot decide which appliance to choose, Quargo helps. We send them the QR codes for the possible choices, and he or she can take a look at the air conditioner on the wall with the mobile application. It is possible to take a photo of this mixed reality and send it to his or her spouse, or share it with friends on community sites.


Does your competition offer such service?

Not that I know of. The air conditioning market is extremely price sensitive, but we like to believe price is not the only factor that matters. Conscious customers pay a great attention on their choices, for they are going to see that air conditioner every day on their wall – for years. We hope with Quargo customers will make a better choice and therefore will be more satisfied on the long run.

What other businesses do you think can benefit from Quargo?

Businesses where visuality plays a great role, and where options are numerous. I can imagine an interior design company showing its client how different the room will be with a new carpet or strip floor. Or a decorator who uses Quargo to help choose the right colour or tapestry.