Lift an elephant – on Children’s Day – Interview with László Perényi leader of Civilek a Palotanegyedért Egyesület (an NGO in District 8 in Budapest)

When did you first hear of Quargo?

I was at a reception in H13 (13 Horánszky st.) when a friend of mine told me about an interactive, QR code based mobile application, with lots of possibilities. I was always very keen on new technologies, so that made me interested.


What was your first thought trying it?

That you can create extremely funny stuff with it. But as I started using the app and got to know the basic functions, I realized how versatile it is and how it could help us boost touristic interest in the district.

Any early ideas?

Oh, the first one was too evident in H13: Júlia Szendrey (wife of famous Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi) lived in that house, her balcony still exists today. With Quargo and a mobile phone she could be standing there even today.

Can we bring back the past?

You can reconstruct long-gone parts of streets based on old photos, or vice versa: you can see how a building will look like when ready. For example, here we have this fountain on Mikszáth Kálmán square. It is probably the least good-looking fountain in the capital. But with Quargo you can put any fountain there you might fancy.

Do you have any finished projects with Quargo?

We focused on the funny side of Quargo on our Children’s Day event. You could lift an elephant, monkeys sat on top of the tables and children ran around with gigantic cotton candies. Of course it was a trick only, but children loved it.

What is next?

We would like to conjure the old National Theatre back to its original place on Blaha square. The graphic is ready, next step is to find the proper place for the code, where great pictures can be taken, and which the authorities approve.

What do you like in Quargo?

The magic. With a little bit of imagination anyone can create and show his own reality. It can be a distorted looking glass, a joke, or it can be serious. Why couldn’t a designer or architect use Quargo to show how the building will look in its place?