Take-away beer

Ever wanted have more beer on the table than you can possibly drink?
Well, we just made it!

Beer festivals are all about friends, having fun and then being a bit sad when it is over. So we figured out a way to make it more fun, to able to share it with faraway friends, and to even take it home.

We created three special Quargo codes: two with huge mugs of beers, and one with a beer tun. Our flyers featured a Quargo QR code on one side, and a short 3-step guide on how to download and scan the codes on the other. And then we let people play around with it.
On our video below see how easy it is to conjure 5 mugs of beer onto an empty table, and ask waiters to carry around a tun – while holding only a QR code.

Take-away beer is to be found here: http://quargo.net/public_storage/files/code/20000000000527.png
(Download Quargo app, scan the code, have fun, share!)